The payment plan works as follows

You decide on a date and time you would like to book and let me know by email along with the total number of tickets required.

Then you purchase one initial ticket to reserve the slot (usually an adult ticket)

Then over the coming months you email me when you are ready to go ahead and buy the next ticket and I will send a link to purchase the next one.

In order to take part in the payment plan you have to agree to the following

You keep track of which tickets you have bought and how many are remaining and do not rely on me to do that for you

You purchase all tickets by the following dates

  1. Halloween if you booking is in November
  2. 15th November if your booking is up to 15th December
  3. 1st December if your booking is after the 15th December

This is to allow enough time for all the tickets to be processed in advance of the booking

  • If you decide you no longer want the booking after the first ticket you forfeit the ticket price and it is nonrefundable and would not be subject to resale
  • If you do not book all the tickets by the dates above your purchased tickets will be refunded (minus the deposit ticket) and you will forfeit your slot.

If you would like to take part in the payment plan please take the following steps

Email Sam on with the following information

The date and time you would like to book

The total number of tickets you need

Please also type the following into the email (or cut and paste if you prefer)

I accept the terms of the payment plan and would like to go ahead and book the first ticket

Without the words in bold it will not be possible for Sam to process the booking