Once upon a Christmas at Magic Alley

Fairy tale book open with text
Children and adults alike can start their adventure through an enchanted world ultimately leaving footsteps on a white blanket that sparkles under the glow of a thousand lights.
As you journey deeper into this magical land, the air is filled with the melodies of festive songs, leading you to the most cherished of all encounters – a visit with Father Christmas himself. His hearty laughter echoes through the crisp air, warming hearts even on the chilliest of nights.
This is not just any place; it’s a realm where dreams are born and memories are made, where every moment is wrapped in the pure magic of Christmas. So, gather your loved ones and step into a storybook adventure that you’ll hold dear for a lifetime, for “Once Upon a Christmas” is more than an event—it’s a gateway to a world where the spirit of Christmas lives on forever.

The types of session

If you only have a child/children 5 and under please see the information on An Introduction to Father Christmas

If you have a child age 3 to 7 then please consider the Quest session if your children enjoy puzzles

If you have a 6 or 7 year old in your party you can choose between this session and the over 6 session

If you have children over 6 up to just adults the correct session is Once upon a Christmas for Children over 6

You can bring younger children to the over 6 session if there is at least one child over 6 but it is not possible to bring a child over 5 to the introduction session or a child over 7 to the quest session for children 3 to 7

If you booking only contains adults please email Sam on magicalleystratford@gmail.com

A red crystal translucent apple on the snow covered floor or a forest

Once upon a Christmas Over 6 (younger relatives/friends may accompany older children)

This is a quest based session most suited to children age 6 or over. There are age appropriate presents and quests. This is the session to book if you have children of any age over 6 including early teens. Although younger relatives and friends can join in this session is NOT RECOMMENDED for children under 3

Please click on the image for more information including ticket prices

a cute teddy bear sitting next to a Christmas tree with red and green presents next to him

An Introduction to Father Christmas for Children 5 and under

This is a meet and greet session for children age 5 and under who are too young or do not want to take part in the puzzles. Tickets are group tickets of 4 or 6

Please click on the image for more information including ticket prices

A red topped mushroom house inhabited by fairies in a snow covered forest at Christmas

Once upon a Christmas Quest session for children age 3 to 7

This session is a quest based session with age appropriate puzzles. This session is most suited to children age 3 to 7. Children older than 7 are not permitted in this session

Please click on the image for more information including ticket prices

A crystal glass slipper on a red velvet cushion in a forest with snow on the ground

Once upon a Christmas for children over 6 SEN Session

This session is a quieter more relaxed version on the over 6 event for children with Special Educational Needs. There are fewer families present and no loud music or flashing lights

Younger relatives/friends may accompany older children to this event.

Please click on the image for more information including ticket prices

Once upon a Christmas Villain Edition

Once Upon A Christmas Villain Edition

This event is recommended for Children 10+ with parental discretion from 8. The event runs in the same away as the main Christmas event but instead of meeting Father Christmas you meet one of the Fairy Tale Kingdom villains who will discuss your naughtiness!

Children and adults still receive presents in this session

Initially these sessions will be added on the following dates
Saturday 16th November 2024 - all day Sunday 1st November from 5.30pm Wednesday 18th December from 5.30pm

More added may be added if there is demand
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Opening Hours during the Christmas period

Monday to Sunday 10am to 8pm

Christmas Eve closing at 5.30pm

Our Address

Magic Alley Unit 23A Bell Court

Stratford upon Avon CV37 6EX

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