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 If for any reason the event is unable to go ahead refunds would be issued automatically and there will be no need to contact us as it is an automatic process.

If this event can go ahead tickets will not be refundable UNLESS ADDITONAL Protection is purchased at the time of booking. Please note this cannot be added onto a booking after the event so please do take care to add it during the checkout process. You can find out more information here

You can read the terms and conditions and what is covered and what is not covered here

Please note that we sell the time slot so if someone is unable to attend then we are unable to offer partial refunds.

If you forget to attend your timed slot unfortunately your tickets will not be refundable and you will not be offered an alternative slot without buying additional tickets.

Tickets are non transferable and any tickets sold on or gifted to someone else will not be valid and entry will be refused.


Tickets may be exchanged up to 48 hours before the event if there is still availability.

Please contact our Head of Events Sam on to process an exchange.

Please note that exchanges cannot be processed if the event has subsequently sold out.

Resale and Subsequent Refund

As previously stated tickets are non transferrable – the only people who can sell Magic Alley tickets are Magic Alley and any other sale will result in the tickets being void.

In certain circumstances (where tickets would otherwise be non-refundable) provided we are given 24 hours notice in writing to we will endeavour to resell your tickets if you can no longer attend. You will receive a full refund if all the tickets resell and a partial refund if only part of the booking is resold for example if you book 6 tickets and only 4 resell you would receive a refund to the value of 4 tickets. Please note booking fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

 The circumstances for resale include (evidence may be required)

 A member of the party being unwell
 Sudden bereavement
 Sudden diagnosis of serious illness

This does NOT include (not an exhaustive list)

Double booking yourself

Work commitments
Changing your mind
Isolating by choice
Government mandated quarantine after returning from abroad.

General Terms and Conditions

There are no customer toilets available on site. There are public toilets available in Bell Court to the left of the Everyman Cinema.

Please allow sufficient time to visit the toilet before your required time slot. If you find you do need the toilet one member of the party will have to leave with the child who needs the toilet and re-join the party after visiting the toilet. It is not possible to wait until they have returned to enter the attraction unfortunately.

Pushchairs/prams cannot be accommodated on the shop floor. If they are brought to the venue they will have to be left downstairs at the owner’s risk.

Late or Early Arrival

If you arrive late admittance cannot be guaranteed. Anyone more than 15 minutes late will not be permitted entry. If you are running late please call the shop on 01789 290969 and we will do our best to make arrangements but these cannot be guaranteed. If you do not call us you will not be permitted entry unfortunately and this will cause disappointment and no refunds will be given. You are unlikely to be permitted entry if you are late for the last slot before lunch or before the afternoon tea break

If you arrive 5 minutes later than the last slot of the day you will not be permitted entry and no refund will be offered.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early– this can result in children queuing for long periods before even entering the attraction. If you are more than 5 minutes early it is likely you will be asked not to wait in the shop but to come back closer to your entry time.

Misrepresenting the age of your child

Unfortunately in 2023 we had a few people misrepresent the age of their child in order to attend a session for older children. If it transpires that you have misrepresented the age of your child and booked an incorrect session tickets will be cancelled and you will not be permitted entry. As schedules are often created close to the time of the event this may come to light at the last minute and your tickets cancelled at the last minute. Please be aware that this will cause considerable disappointment and exceptions will not be made. We have age restrictions in place for a reason and it is not possible to decide that they do not apply to you.

Negative reviews in advance of your visit

Unfortunately in 2023 we had a customer write a negative review in advance of their visit as we were unwilling to make an exception to the terms and conditions. Please note if you do this and we are able to trace the booking any and all tickets will be cancelled and you will not be able to purchase tickets in the future for any event.


Although dogs are very welcome in the shop they are not permitted entry to the attraction at Christmas as part of our safeguarding policy. We have been unable to receive a guarantee that the snow we use is not toxic to dogs if ingested so out of an abundance of caution as we are animals lovers we do not permit entry to dogs.

Please email us directly on if you are looking to bring an assistance dog so we can discuss it further.