A glass crystal slipper on a red velvet cushion on the floor of a forest with snow on the ground

These sessions will be quieter and there will be no flashing lights

Performers will gauge whether to approach your children and will take their lead from parents – this is with the exception of Chief Elf/Mrs Christmas who will call you in to see Father Christmas at the relevant time

After seeing Father Christmas it will be possible for families to overtake each other in case some children need a little extra time and others want to move faster.

It will generally be a more relaxed event with buffer slots to allow everyone to have a little more time and not feel rushed.

These sessions can be personalised but please only opt in if you feel your child will want to interact with the performers and Father Christmas. We would hate for anyone to feel awkward.

A carer ticket will be optional in the booking but please note there must be at least 2 full price tickets per booking ie one adult and one child would not qualify for a carer discount

This session is aimed at children aged 6 and over and includes elements of basic reading and puzzle solving. Presents are age appropriate and as a result you will be asked to provide the age of your child/children upon booking. 

Children under 6 are only permitted entry as part of a family group including older children.  

Enter Once Upon A Christmas and make your way through our magical 10 rooms completing the Christmas quest and solving puzzles on the way.  

In 2024 your journey will start in our snow covered Enchanted Forest. Once you have had some time to play in the snow the Quest Elf will come and find your family and allocate the appropriate quest to start your journey through the attraction

In 2024 the quests will be age related and you will be asked when you book which quest is most appropriate for your child.  You will then begin your quest before meeting Father Christmas and receiving an age appropriate present. 

Everyone will receive a present in these sessions including adults.  After visiting Father Christmas you will continue through the attraction engaging with various activities and meeting a variety of fairy tale characters.

prices for SEN session

These sessions are as follows

Saturday 30th November 10.20 to 4.20

Wednesday 11th December 3.50 to 5.20