This session is appropriate for Children 5 and under. It is not possible to bring a child over 5 to this session.

This session is perfect for introducing your child to Father Christmas

There is no quest in this session.

You will enter via the traditional entrance; you will meet the elves in the attraction who will escort you to see Father Christmas. After you have visited Father Christmas you will them be escorted to the forest to play in the snow.

Children receive presents in this session and it is likely to be a colouring book, soft toy or equivalent. Babies will receive a baby’s first Christmas gift. Adults do not receive presents in this session.

This is very much intended to be a photo opportunity with Father Christmas and a way to introduce younger children to Father Christmas

This session will not be personalised based on feedback. Parents generally gave feedback that the personalisation was not picked up on by their children especially if the children were 3 or younger.

Carer tickets are not available for this event

Prices Intro Session only

These sessions are taking place as follows

Saturday 23rd November Morning

Tuesday 17th December 10.20 to 1.45

Wednesday 18th December 10.20 to 1.45

Thursday 19th December 10.20 to 1.45