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Carer Tickets for SEN dates

There is a carer ticket automatically enabled as part of the SEN booking process. A carer ticket in this session is half price £7.50 or £8 depending on the date)

If you book this session then we will contact you by email and ask you to send out the relevant documentation

Carer Tickets for non SEN dates

Please note if you wish to bring a child with additional needs to a non SEN session and receive a carer ticket we will allocate you a slot at the beginning or end of a session subject to availability. Please do not be offended if we will not offer you a slot in the middle of a busy session as in our experience these slots are not suitable for children with additional needs as there are simply too many people and it can be very overwhelming with additional queuing.

If you want to book the middle of a session (even though we don’t recommend it) a carer ticket will not be possible unfortunately and you will have to pay full price if you decide to book for that slot anyway. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that we do not recommend bringing children with additional needs at weekends/busy evening sessions such as Fridays (other than the beginning or end of session) as it can be very busy and therefore be rather overwhelming.

There is also likely to be additional queuing required especially during the Victorian Christmas Market weekends (7/8th and 14/15th December) so we would very much recommend booking a different date if you or your child has any issue with queuing or suffers from an sensory disorder.

This year we are offering a carer ticket at the reduced rate of £12.00. To receive a link to book a session with a carer ticket included please email our Head of Events Sam on Please include the date and time you are looking to attend and attach the evidence to the email please

It will be necessary to submit proof unfortunately due to the number of people who have tried to take advantage of the system in the past.

To be eligible for a carer ticket you will need to provide one of the following documents:​

Blue Badge
Access Card
DLA Letter

(Along with the ID of the person named within the letter)

Carer tickets are not available for under 5 sessions and are automatically included in the specific SEN sessions.

Please note that carer tickets are for those over 18. If you have a young carer (under 18) you can still have a carer ticket but you will need to bring an extra adult with you.

Please note there is a minimum of 2 full price tickets per slot so if there is a group of 2 a carer ticket will not be possible unfortunately.

Please note there is one carer ticket available per booking