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The personalisation process is changing for 2024

This year there is no online form to fill in

If you opt into personalisation during the booking process we will be in touch by email to ask you for the information we need.

We will begin this process from September 2024 and if you have not received an email by 14th October 2024 then it will be your responsibility to email us on simply stating you have not received a personalisation email – please do not give any information at this stage as you will be contacted separately and the information will be requested. If you do provide information in the initial email it will not be used as this year we are asking for specific information.

The requirement to email us if you have not received your email is to ensure that if for any reason our initial email goes into junk/spam or the email address we hold for you has been typed incorrectly when inputted into the booking form we can then make sure you receive the personalisation request from us.

If however you do not receive our email and do not contact us by 14th October then your visit will NOT be personalised. Please note this date is final and no exceptions will be made.

We will also give a strict time frame for you to return the required information to us and again if this deadline is missed then again your visit will not be personalised.

Please do not email Sam and ask for exceptions to be made to the deadline as she will be unable to help. Also sending abusive emails in relation to personalisation may result in your tickets being cancelled as Sam has the right to work in a safe environment free from abuse. We thank you in advance for your understanding and co-operation.

If you book tickets after the 31st October (Halloween) including last minute available slots and cancellations it is unfortunately not possible to personalise your visit.