A red topped mushroom house inhabited by fairies in a snow covered forest at Christmas

This session is specifically aimed at younger children who still want to take part in the puzzle element of our events.

When you book tickets for children aged 3 to 7 you will be asked which quest would be the most appropriate for them to complete. These puzzles are age appropriate and the quest for 3 to 4 year olds will take into account that it is unlikely that many children will be proficient at reading so it will include questions on colours and some basic counting as well as some puzzles such as spot the difference and finding an odd one out etc

It is not possible to bring a child older than 7 to these sessions. This is in order to ensure that younger children do not feel rushed as they might if there are older children in the group behind them.

The session includes visiting Father Christmas and all other aspects of the over 6 event it is simply more age specific.

It is possible to bring younger relatives/friends to this session but please bear in mind the general advice that children under 3 will get less out of the session as they are simply too little to take part in the puzzle element.

price table quest session only

These sessions are taking place as follows

Sunday 1st December 10.20 to 6.40

Thursday 12th December 3.45 to 6.55

Monday 16th December 3.45 to 6.55